Save Money

When it comes to brand new baby clothes the typical parent spends roughly $30.00 per item or outfit! Now imagine paying less than that and getting up to 10 complete outfits! Subscribe today and you won't have to worry about wasting money on clothing your child will outgrow!

Save Time

It's a fact, parents are strapped for time! Save time on trips to department stores or digging through tons of clothing at consignment shops to find acceptable outfits! Get them shipped right to your door every month! When you're done with the items just pack them up and send them back! We'll send you new sizes & styles each month!

Save Space

Babies grow FAST! As a result many parents are faced with overflowing drawers of clothes that no longer fit their children! Trade them in and earn points towards clothing in the appropriate sizes! Or consign online from anywhere in the country with our unique "Bucks for Bundles" program.

Save the Environment

Reduce your Carbon Footprint! Do your part to eliminate the amount of clothing waste accumulating in landfills across America; borrow new & gently used clothing. Our team uses all natural, organic laundry detergent and cleaning agents that are safe for the environment and won't harm your baby's delicate skin.

We woke up one morning and realized that we were paying way too much for baby clothes that we could only use for a couple weeks! We thought "What a waste!" It was then and there we realized that someone else may desperately need the things we could no longer use and thus... The Bundle Borrow was born!-The Bundle Borrow Family

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